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testimonial-quotes   I have seen the other products and tried the 30 day trials and NONE have lived up to Respond! Your product works head and shoulders above the rest...Now more than ever agents need a product that gives them the automatic monthly touch to their clients. YOU HAVE THE PRODUCT!   testimonial-quotes Jed Parish

Jed Parish
RE/MAX Town & Country
Aurora, IL
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Overview of Respond 2.0

Microsoft Outlook is the primary office tool most real estate agents use for communicating with customers and prospects and managing their calendars.  The fact that it shares information easily between the other Microsoft Office programs is time-saving and convenient.


Respond transforms Microsoft Outlook into a single state-of-the-art system that manages your business while increasing your connectivity.  Working inside Microsoft Outlook, Respond provides specific real estate information for the contact and transaction management with no monthly fees.


Respond gives you the reliability and stability of Microsoft Outlook to implement the proven strategies necessary to take your business to the next level of productivity.  It allows you to use industry-standard software to respond to your real estate business needs and those of your customers.


92% of your buyers and sellers are satisfied with your service and would do business with you again if you'll just stay in touch.  Designed to maintain "Customer-for-Life" relationships, Respond helps you accomplish just that.

  • Campaigns

    Respond's Campaigns allow you to coordinate specific email messages, letters, tasks, or appointments in a timely manner to guarantee that all of the necessary steps are completed for your listing, pending, and prospecting goals.
  • Calling Manager

    Calling Manager from Respond 2.0 The value of a few phone calls a day to past customers is priceless and it's worth even more with a system to make it happen.  Respond's new Calling Manager will serve the names to you along with their phone numbers and history of what you've talked about and done.
  • Scheduled Email

    Keep regular follow-ups with your contacts by writing your email messages and scheduling them for a timed release. Respond will automatically deliver your messages at the specified time.


Connectivity is all about sharing information…from the office to home…with team members in the office…outside the office…virtual assistants…with your PDA or phone.


Respond is now team oriented. Whether you're a team of two or ten, you can share your database inside of Outlook.

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